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The FlyPark system was created out of love for new technologies. Our goal is to provide world-class services at affordable prices.

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About us

We are a Polish company with global reach. We provide technology designed specifically for airport car parks. Our narrow specialization means that the solutions perfectly meet the needs of our customers.


Our goal is to offer a product that will be tailored to the needs of both small private parking lots and global networks. By offering our product on many markets, we want to develop and constantly improve FlyPark while keeping the subscription price adequate to the offered value. By promoting the reservation system globally, we want to provide operators with access to potential customers around the world.



At FlyPark, we constantly invest in knowledge and development. We optimize and automate processes, thus increasing the company's potential and value. We increase the quality of the product while maintaining the attractiveness of the offer thanks to the global scale of operations. On a daily basis, we help parking lots to even better use their potential.

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FlyPark is a true command center with access to all bookings, statistics and reports. A clear and intuitive panel makes parking management so easy and effective.

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