Airport parking management system

Acquire online reservations, automate customer service and manage sales channels in one place.


What is is an innovative ERP system that significantly increases the efficiency in airport parking management and enables online parking reservations.
It is an intuitive tool supporting the effective management of reservations from various sources. Everything in one place, with profiled access for service employees and the owner of the car park.
parking dashboard cloud saas
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Three areas:

Booking Button - direct booking without commission, website prepared by specialists, online booking management - a solution that will improve your visibility on the web.

Dashboard - all the necessary information about the car park in one place, booking service, analyzes, reports and statistics - everything you need to effectively manage the car park.

Sales Manager - intelligent parking space distribution. Pricing strategies, marketing, CRM, settlements with partners - a solution that allowed you to directly increase profits

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Benefits you will see right away


More customers

Think how many customers have not taken your offer through missed calls, no booking confirmation or unfriendly appearance of the website. With FlyPark, customers will book a parking spot every day and at any time in a few seconds. After booking, they will receive an automatic confirmation and all necessary information. Join FlyPark and check the benefits of the system in practice.

Time saving

Do you ever wonder how to shorten the time of customer service? We think about it every day. We are looking for automation everywhere so that you can serve your customers faster and at lower costs. Remember that automation does not have to mean firing employees. They will simply have more time to do even better customer service and get new bookings for your company.

Better control

Do you spend a lot of time controlling employees and settling accounts with partners? FlyPark is a real command center. It provides you with information about every event in the parking lot so that nothing escapes your attention. In a few seconds you can check whether the reports from partners are correct. You will be able to check how many reservations from a given source are profitable for you.
parking dashboard cloud saas
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FlyPark is a true command center with access to all bookings, statistics and reports. A clear and intuitive panel makes parking management so easy and effective.

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