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Widget for online booking

We have created a professional booking widget ready to be placed on any website.
It was prepared by specialists in the field of IT, online sales and marketing. It is a simple form that allows you to accept bookings from customers every day, 24 hours a day. No more answering phone calls and replying to emails.

Professional website

The right car park website is the key to success. This is the first place of contact with the customer - everything depends on it.
Our specialists have prepared a ready-made template designed especially for airport parking lots. The latest solutions and adaptation to trends in SEO mean that the website from FlyPark will give you an advantage from the very beginning.
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Online payments

The customer has booked but has not reached the parking lot? In a high season, the line to the dispatcher is constantly getting longer because he is receiving payments at the parking lot?
Or maybe you just want to increase your liquidity and have money sooner? Add online payment option and forget about all these problems. Difficult to implement? Not with us! You just need 3 clicks to add integration with any online payments provider.

Booking management

Providing customers with the ability to edit their booking solves two key problems.
  • First, customers make decisions faster if they know that they can easily change provided information at any time.
  • Secondly, enabling online booking editing saves time usually needed to answer phone calls or reply to e-mails in the event of a change or cancellation by the customer.
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FlyPark is a true command center with access to all bookings, statistics and reports. A clear and intuitive panel makes parking management so easy and effective.

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