Analysis and Reports

What gets measured, gets managed.


Peter Drucker
(1954) The Practice of Management

Increase your profits with better decisions based on real data!

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Make decisions better and faster!

The statistics and reports module will help you make decisions more efficiently and lead your business in the right direction. Use data to earn more.

Not a fan of guesswork?
Data and their proper analysis are the basis for every informed decision. The statistics and reports module will allow you to manage the parking lot efficiently, and thus contribute to increasing your company's profits.
How many employees do you need?
Based on the available data, you will assess how much workload you will have in a given period of time. This module will allow you to effectively plan and reduce costs and thus contribute to increasing the profit of the entire parking lot.
Dynamics analysis
Have control over the development of your business. Check what you can improve to get more reservations.
Analysis of the value and length of reservations
Optimize your services thanks to data analysis.
Analysis of occupied spaces at the parking lot
Knowledge about the periodicity of demand will allow you to better choose the right price strategies.
Booking Channels
Check which sales channel is the most profitable for you. Diversify sources, test pricing strategies and profitability of promotions.
Periodic reports
Control the parking activity on a regular basis. Generate daily and monthly reports or choose a period tailored to your needs.

Analyze the dynamics of reservations and their periodicity.

Check occupancy and plan pricing strategies accordingly.

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FlyPark is a true command center with access to all bookings, statistics and reports. A clear and intuitive panel makes parking management so easy and effective.

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