Marketing and CRM

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody

Sam Walton
founder of the Walmart supermarket chain

Find a common language
with clients!


Marketing and customer relationship management are key success factors in any business. Appropriate activities in this area are the easiest way, apart from the price, to make your offer stand out. There are a lot of airport parking lots which differ in location and price. You have no power over the location and the price depends on your costs. Activities in the area of marketing and customer relations are therefore an ideal solution to gain a constant competitive advantage and thus increase the profitability of your parking lot. Meet your customers, talk to them, tailor the offer to their needs and the higher price of your services or the location of your parking lot will no longer matter.


Measure satisfaction,
collect opinions

Only 4% of dissatisfied consumers make complaints. 91% of those who do not make complaints do not shop at the same place again. *

Find out what customers think about your services in order to constantly offer the highest quality.

* Research by Doyle (2003) and Oderowicz (2012)

Customers database

Collect data about your clients. If you know who they are, you can better customize your offer, which will directly translate into increased sales.

Online marketing

Get noticed among other offers and the number of reservations will increase significantly.


Group your clients. Business travel, weekly vacation? Each customer is different, grouping will help you tailor the offer to their actual needs.

Customer statistics

Valuate your customers depending on the frequency and length of reservations. If you know how much profit a customer gives you, you can make an informed decision about the profitability of discounts.

Communication with the customer

Stay in touch with your clients. Send them information about periodic promotions or improvements to your parking offer. Are you introducing a new service? This is an perfect opportunity to remind the customer about your company. This information may prompt him to use your services again.

Loyalty programs

Create loyalty programs to keep your customers for longer. A transparent and logical program that is appealing to the client will make you stop looking for alternatives. Airport parking lot will always mean your parking lot.

Relationship Management

Have a dialogue with clients. Remember that even those dissatisfied with your services can become loyal customes your parking lot, if you properly respond to their doubts and complaints.

Meet their expectations - if you meet them, they will be satisfied.
If you exceed them - they will be loyal.
Your profit depends on the decisions of your customers.

One platform, many possibilities!

Controle total sobre o seu estacionamento.

Seja notado e encontre um idioma comum com seus clientes.

Medir, analisar e tomar decisões informadas.

Aumente seu lucro controlando receitas e custos.

Apresente sua oferta aos clientes da melhor maneira possível.

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